Drain, Drain, Go Away

I am so over being in hospital now…three days since my drain was fitted and it still isn’t draining any fluid…instead it’s only causing me increasing abdominal pain and making sleep near impossible…for the first time ever I am actually wishing they would give me another drain insertion so this hasn’t all been for nothing as my tummy is still the size of a house…except now it is a bruised and battered house and I am exhausted!

The highlight of my overnights is by far the nurse’s reaction to my sleep mask when they come and take my blood pressure during the night…hahaha (pictured).

My heart rate is still high and my blood pressure is still low.

The insertion of my drain (after all of my anxiety) couldn’t have gone more smoothly…I was on two anti anxiety medications and three pain meds and truly believe they could have cut my leg off and I wouldn’t have cared…I am so grateful for this care as, for the first time ever, I no longer feel any fear towards getting a drain…just show me the drugs!

Since my drain has been inserted I have tried ‘everything’ to try to get the fluid flowing…I have walked around the hospital; I have done gentle yoga in my bed; I have rolled from side to slide….and still it stays.

Today, however, is a new day and I am hoping it moves me one step closer to having a belly that allows me to eat and drink like normal again.

Love and light, Fi xx


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5 thoughts on “Drain, Drain, Go Away

  1. Fi, you are such an inspirational lady. I hope and pray that today will be productive and allow more drainage!
    I long, just as much as you, things go to plan and you’re back home with hubby soon.💕xx
    Love and Light.

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  2. Extra prayer for a good flow – not a torrent! But let’s get the bloody stuff shifted … out!!!! How much longer are they going to WAIT for it to move? Believing for success today . Sending you big love, Shoniex

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  3. Rocking that eye mask Fi 😻

    Wish you could get some let up to all you’re suffering my lovely 🌸🌸🌸😘

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  4. Hi Fi, The drain will happen, and you will soon be home. As always sending positive vibes and love. By the way I lOVE the mask, made me giggle. Hugs….Love and Light xxxx

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  5. More prayers, love, and light for my little Fi…Laughing…crying…and shouting with you and for you.

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