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Here we go again…when your scan results don’t match your dreams

My scan results weren’t what I wanted…they were, however, what I expected….

• Scan shows that the tumour by my left kidney has increased in size.

• My right lung remains partially collapsed.

• There is now ‘a moderate amount of fluid’ in my abdomen

• my pain is caused by pressure from the cancerous fluid as it moves around my organs (hence why the pain comes and goes and moves)

Moving forward I plan…

• to see a specialist about receiving Avastin – this would hopefully slow down the progression of my cancer and buy me some time….it costs about £1200 every three weeks. (I need to have it privately now as I had it on the NHS when I was diagnosed in 2016…I know it works for me as I’ve had it before 🙏🏻)

The hope is that avastin could be used to keep my condition stable until the local immunotherapy trial opens (everything crossed that I meet the criteria for this trial).

• to have the fluid from my tummy drained when the symptoms become too much…I’ll put this off while I can as I hate having drains and it involves me being admitted to hospital.

Nothing has really changed in terms of my options or decisions. All that has changed is my cancer is more active and growing and so things need to move faster.

If you can help raise funds for my treatment please do and please share with anyone else who can help. Thank you from me, my hubby and my family.


PayPal – f.k.munro@hotmail.com

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  1. My heartfelt love is with you. I know I don’t need to say be strong, hang in there, stay positive….because you are all of those things already and more, but will say it anyway, smile. And let’s get that Avastin going (have shared your Go Fund Me) which will lead you to this immunotherapy trial, and I feel sure you will meet that critera. I feel for you. Distant Healing on the way. Love and Light Paulyxx

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