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RAOK – Spread Kindness Around Like Glitter

Yesterday I gave out another of my ‘random acts of kindness’… I was shopping for food in Pillars of Hercules Organic Farm and, because there was all but no food in our house after being away for three weeks, I stopped briefly to have some quick lunch. The place was packed and so I squeezed myself into a seat at a table that adjoined another table two ladies were sitting at. I presume they were grandmother and granddaughter..

I was in my own world, journaling while I waited for my food and listening to the soft background noise of their friendly dialogue. I don’t mean I was listening to their words, but rather letting the friendly sounds wash over me.

Suddenly my state of mind was distracted when I realised that one of them was asking me a question about the cafe. She was friendly and polite and I felt blessed that she had taken the time to include me in their discussion.

They left soon after. However, when I was in the farm shop buying my food, I noticed them at the till and so slipped up to them and handed them an envelope with my usual, brief explanation…”I hand out random acts of kindness, this is for you.”

Then, just as quickly, I slipped away and near hid behind a shelving unit so they couldn’t find me…you would think by now that I was less embarrassed about approaching strangers in this way.

There was something about the connection between them that touched me; their kindness and clear love for one another shone through and it made me smile. Perhaps their interaction, on some deep level, had reminded me of the one I’d had with my own grandmother, who passed away in early 2015. Whatever it was, my instinct told me I *had* to give them an envelope and so, as ever, I listened and I did.

I hope receiving it made them as happy as it to for me to deliver in.xxx


In case you are new to my posts –

When my loved ones raised £500 for me to treat herself following my operation for stage four ovarian cancer in May 2016 I made the decision to use the money to do random acts of kindness for complete strangers…

Since then, I have been handing out envelopes containing either £5, £10 or £20 alongside a card that provides information about ovarian cancer alongside some ‘instructions’ to either keep the money or pass it on.

I have lost count of how many envelopes I have now handed out and the pot of money continues to grow as people make donations. I also added the £600 I won in 2017 when I was awarded ‘Health Blogger of the Year’ by HealthUnlocked.

It has been an incredible part of my story and allowed my cancer diagnosis to bring joy and kindness, rather than sadness and despair. I encourage you to try it for yourself…wonderful things happen when you are kind xxx


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  1. Lovely to hear from you Fi! I sent S wee email just to say that tho hadn’t heard from you …. I pray daily fur your healing . Sooooo glad you have had such a brilliant trip – I had hoped that you would “do” Europe as an alternative to Thailand .and look forward to you doing more!! It’s brill by train – dear I know – but so pleasant compared to the stress of an airport . Loving you and Believing for you , Shoniex

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