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Celebrate Life and Dance in the Confetti

We are back safe and sound in our home and I am attempting to provide an update of our incredible adventure…however I don’t think words can do it justice…we had an incredible time traveling from Scotland, to London, to France, to Italy, back to France and then, finally, back to London and home again…

While traveling down to London at the start of our journey I turned to Ewan and said, “you know, every moment that happens from now on wouldn’t have happened if my cancer hadn’t returned. We wouldn’t be on this train. We wouldn’t be going to Europe. Instead, we would be traveling to Thailand.”

“We better make sure every moment is amazing them,” he replied, always knowing exactly what to say to me.

And that is exactly what we did! Every day was a new adventure that we embraced to the fullest. We walked nearly 110 miles in total as we explored our surroundings; saying a huge YES to every opportunity that came our way; eating lots of food; traveling to loads of different destinations and laughing until our bellies ached. It was perfect in every way, above all because I got to spend so much quality time with my wonderful hubby – there are not many people I could spend three weeks with!

The ultimate highlight for me was attending The Nice Carnival. It was an evening parade filled with celebration, music and lots and lots of confetti! They let off continuous confetti bombs throughout the parade. I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to picture e spending the evening dancing in the street as confetti fell from the sky all around me (photos are Ewan’s). The next day, even after a shower, washing and drying my hair, I was still finding bits of confetti would ‘appear’ every time I brushed it. It was amazing and I learned that one of my favourite things is to dance and celebrate the moment, yes, even with complete strangers in a foreign country. It was amazing! (In case you are wondering, the streets were clear the next morning thanks to an amazing teach of street cleaners).

More detailed updates to follow…including how we had such an amazing trip on a tiny budget and how to travel with a critical illness…

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