ovarian cancer

Ain’t Dead Yet Motherf*ckers

I saw my awesome oncologist today.The fluid on my lungs is malignant.

There are two little tumours in my body. One next to my left kidney and one on (not in) my right lung.

At this stage chemotherapy wouldn’t be offered even if I wanted it (which I don’t) as the tumours are little. 

So, for now, we can monitor my lungs and drain them again as and when required. Then, after they are next drained, we can put talc in my lung cavity and that should hopefully prevent fluid returning for a while. This is called “talc pleurodesis”.

There may also be trials in the future that I would be eligible for… I am sprinkling a lot of glitter on this thought!

I cannot go to Thailand…or get on a plane ever again as the risk of fluid returning is too high and, if that were to happen, I wouldn’t be able to breath very well with the air pressure. I am sad about this not just because I really wanted to go but also because I have already paid for the flights! HOWEVER Ewan and I will still be going away for three weeks in Feb…somewhere by train or boat…adventure (and hopefully some sunshine) awaits!

So what now?

I will take each day as it comes, thankful that I am still here and able to do all of the things that I love.

I will see the respiratory consultants and my oncologist regularly to monitor my lungs and overall health. I know I am in safe hands.

This weekend I was sad and angry (very angry) but now I feel more settled and know that, all things considered, I am very lucky to feel as well as I do.

I want to live my life as me, not as a cancer patient and fully expect to be treated exactly the same…jokes, dark humour and adventures are particularly welcome!xxx

Love and light, Fi xxx

Ps. I’m hoping I’ve preempted any questions…

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