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Celebrate Today, Every Day

Last week marked one year since I was diagnosed. One whole year already since I heard the words ‘you have cancer’ and my whole life changed forever.

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I’d waited desperately for this day to arrive. At times, like after my surgery, I thought I’d never make it. Yet, here I am, not only living but THRIVING!  Each new day I wake full of health and positivity.

Over the past year I often thought about this date. It’s a huge milestone after all. [Only 75% of ovarian cancer warriors make it to their one year anniversary…the statistics are even lower if they have a stage IV diagnosis like me but we’ll not go into all that!…far too depressing!] I’d think about how I’d celebrate this ‘special occasion’. But, now the day has been and gone I’ve realised something…

I have no need to celebrate reaching a particular day. The date of my diagnosis isn’t any more special than the rest and, for me, it certainly isn’t a milestone.

Do you know why?

Cancer has taught me that every single day is a gift, that each breath I take is more precious than the last. Each moment I get to spend with my family, each hug I receive from my sister’s incredible children, each joke I share with my friends…that’s the milestones. That’s the celebration of a passing of time I didn’t think I’d receive.

You see, if you embrace the gifts that cancer brings – the knowledge that there is no tomorrow, the opportunity to embrace each and every beautiful minute we spend alive (yes even the seemingly crap ones) – then you don’t need to celebrate a particular date because you are already celebrating each and every breath. You are already celebrating being ALIVE!

I don’t need to celebrate a date defined in my diary because I LIVE every day.

Last week just marked the start of my journey. It marked my rebirth into a new beginning and an incredible life filled with new insight and love.

So, my message to you…

Don’t wait for a special occasion or a significant date to celebrate being alive. Celebrate today! Laugh today! Love today!

Above all, embrace everything in your life today for the miracle and gift that it truly is!

So, today I raise my glass (of water) to each and every one of you for supporting me on this journey and I take a moment to remember the beautiful souls I have met over this past year who have passed and the loved ones they leave behind.

You all inspire me daily.

Celebrate today, every day!

Love and light, Fi xxx

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