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RAOK Christmas Days 8, 9 & 10

As many of you know I’ve been handing out RAOK envelopes, each containing either £5, £10 or  £20, to strangers since my surgery for Stage IV ovarian cancer earlier this year. It’s just my way of making the world a happier place!

As it’s December I’ve pledged to hand out an envelope every day until 25th December. I’ve also made a Christmas RAOK advent calendar too so that others can get involved!

We’ve been away the last few days so I’ve collated days 9-11 together in this post!

9th December

On 9th we delivered homemade organic truffles to some of our neighbours. I felt like a Christmas elf tiptoeing around the neighbourhood leaving little parcels hanging from their doors. It was such a lovely feeling!

It was still early in the morning so the streets were deserted, making it all the more magical for me!

That day I also delivered an envelope. We were en route to the trainstation as we were going to London for our anniversary and I needed to stop to use a toilet – a common occurance in my life! Everywhere was closed but I spotted a bar getting deliveries. I spoke to the member of staff on duty and she very kindly let me use the toilet – no questions asked! So, as I was leaving a slipped an envelope into the bar when her back was turned. I hope it brightened up her day!

10th December

As we were away we didn’t take supplies to an animal shelter, as the cakbwder suggests, but I have them all parcelled up and ready to go! We have washed our dear Robbie’s bed and blankets and put them into a bag with some toys we’d bought for him before he passed away earlier this month and also some treats too! We’ll be passing these on to The Dog’s Trust where we got him from in February. They are an amazing charity and they were a huge support to us. It seems only fair that this is where our donation should go!

On this day we were at The Fat Duck in Windsor (more on this in another post!). There was another couple sitting across from us and they caught my eye as is often the case when I’m looking for someone to hand an envelope too!

As we were leaving the restaurant I slipped the envelope onto their table. It still makes me smile like a child when I deliver them in this way as it’s how I delivered my very first envelope!

December 11th

Again because we were away we were unable to donate to a food bank as detailed in the calendar, but I have passed this task onto my hubby as he does the food shopping!

I did, however, hand out another envelope. We were on the train home – it’s a LONG journey back from London for us and it took over 6 hours so I had plenty of time to think about who to hand it to. Across from us was a family and they were laughing and having fun so they’d already caught my eye. Then, when we went to get off the train the woman smiled so warmly at me that I knew I had to give her an envelope so that’s exactly what I did! Afterwards her daughter tweeted me to say thank you. This is always lovely, although totally unnecessary. All I want is to make people smile!

I am getting a total buzz from handing out so many envelopes in December – although it is also a little tiring for me too as sometimes I didn’t manage to go out and about…instead I’m lying on the sofa resting! But still, it gives me something to look forward to when I do go out!

If you have been doing your own acts of kindness please share them in the comments below.

Love and light, Fi xxx 

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