Random Act of Kindness – No 14

Last week I delivered my 14th Random Act of Kindness!


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When my loved ones raised £500 for my husband and I to treat ourselves following my operation we made the decision to use the money to do random acts of kindness for complete strangers…
We didn’t want to profit from my diagnosis and the idea of sharing the love and kindness given to us filled us with so much more happiness than spending it on something ever could.

So since then we’ve been handing out envelopes with either a £10 or £20 note inside and the impact has been incredible!! Just read some of the amazing ripples that have started happening…including a bungee jump, press articles and people handing out their own envelopes across the UK!

The number of envelopes I have to hand out continues to grow  thanks to a number of amazing donations!

  •  £30 anonymous donation from the ‘lace maker’.
  •  £40 anonymous donation from ‘D&L’.
  • £60 donation from AngieB Photography.
  • £10 donation from a lady who watched me present.
  • £90 donation from Love Fusion following the auction of two of their paintings.
  • £10 donation from a reader of my blog xxx

I am extremely grateful and blessed to have received these donations which I will pass on to others.

I was out for dinner with my husband – surprise surprise! (I do love to eat!) – and there was a large group of ladies celebrating a retirement at the table next to us.

I noticed that one member of the group had her daughter with her. The woman’s face said she’d ‘had one of those days’ and so when her child spilled something and she continued to ‘show face’through cleaning up herself and her seat I knew that an envelope would bring her a smile.

As we left the restaurant she was up from her seat taking photos of the others in the group so I took the opportunity to slip an envelope under her side plate.


Everyone deserves a little kindness to brighten up their day. Here’s to you awesome lady!

Love and light, Fi xxx

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