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I refuse to ‘fight like a girl’

I don’t ‘fight‘ my cancer.
I’m not ‘suffering‘.

It’s not ‘devistating‘.

I’m not in a constant ‘battle‘.

I’m not at ‘war‘.


I’m healing my mind, body and spirit through cancer.


To explain I need to start with a very basic biology lesson (I have simplified this as best as I can for the purpose of this post).

One thing that countless medical professionals, as well as many authors and researchers, all agree on is that every single person has cancer cells in their body at any given point.

Yes. Everyone. Even you!

A cancer cell is just a ‘normal’ cell that didn’t do what it was supposed to. It may have divided more than it should have for instance.

This error is happening every single day in each and every one of us.

In a healthy person their body detects this error and removes the cell or rectifies the error. This is done because they have a strong immune system that is doing its job at keeping their body healthy and their cells working effectively. Problem solved. 

The difference between me and someone who doesn’t have a ‘cancer diagnosis’ however is that my immune system didn’t notice the first error, or the second, or third and so on…

Instead, my little misbehaving cells were treated the same as my healthy cells. Instead of being removed they were fed and encouraged to grow. Not only that, they were then encouraged and helped to move around my body along wth my healthy cells.

As the number of these cells increased, my immune system further decreased as it became increasingly compromised by these misbehaving cells. As a result, my body became less and less able to detect these cells and, before I knew it, they had taken over my abdomen and chest cavity.

All because my body didn’t detect that first cell that got things wrong.


What does this all mean?

Firstly, it means that cancer is not an external source. It is created by our bodies. It is spread by our bodies. It is fed by our bodies.

It is part of our bodies!

To fight my cancer would be (in my eyes) the same as fighting myself.

What a horrible way to live my life!

So if I don’t fight what do I do?

Now, whilst cancer is not an external source I believe that the factor(s) that contributed to my lowered immune system that didn’t detect that first rouge cell is.

For some these may include, for example, smoking, alcohol, pesticides, toxins, stress, illness and so on.

In my case, as a non smoker, minimal drinker and healthy eater, I think my factors ran a lot deeper and included emotional stress and anxiety, environmental toxins, illness and pesticides.

So, since my diagnosis, instead of fighting – which would only create anger, stress and anxiety and further toxify my immune system – I have focused on rebuilding my health, boosting my immune system, looking after and nurturing my body, mind and spirit. 

What’s the result?

I feel amazing! Yes I’m tired and achy but that’s a result of my chemotherapy (which, incidentally, lowers your immune system!).

Aside from that though, considering my diagnosis and the major surgery I had four months ago I feel pretty darn good!

I love life!

How did I do this?

  • Daily yoga
  • Daily meditation
  • No alcohol
  • Building emotional health
  • 6 portions of veg a day (min)
  • 2 portions of fruit a day (max)
  • Daily ginger, garlic and turmeric
  • Homemade almond milk
  • No dairy
  • Minimal meat
  • Daily 3 mile walk
  • 2 hours outside every day
  • Reading*
  • 8 hours sleep
  • No preservatives
  • Organic food wherever possible
  • No sugar 
  • No processed food
  • Only natural cleaning products in our home
  • Soap nuts for clothes washing
  • Castile soup for hands, hair and body
  • Coconut oil for body moisturiser and make up remover
  • Natural makeup
  • And much more!

*this is to keep my brain active following chemotherapy to help rebuild my mental stamina for my return to work.


I don’t think ‘fighting’ is the right approach to healing from cancer. I want to stop the war on cancer and start the healing of cancer warrior’s minds, bodies and spirits.

Cancer is a result of so many little factors toxifying our bodies over time without notice until our immune system is too compromised to do its job. Trying to fight this with anger, resentment and hate only causes us to miss the point and value cancer can bring, if we’d only just stop, take a breath and listen.

Cancer can teach us how to heal our lives and live happier and healthier than ever before.

I’m not saying I think this approach will’cure’ cancer but it will certainly cure our bodies, minds and spirits of dis-ease.

I for one would rather live out my days (however many I may have) with this approach to life than by fighting with myself and my body.

In the words of Albert Einstein:-

We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Something to think about…

Love and light, Fi xxx

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4 thoughts on “I refuse to ‘fight like a girl’”

  1. I didn’t think about this from the perspective you described which I think is amazing and makes sense.
    At the same time though I never saw myself fighting my cancer but rather fighting for my life. I liked your list of things you do to stay healthy in every way. I wrote them down to follow them:)
    You’re an inspiration!

  2. I’m one of what I suspect is a large band of followers of your blog who’ve never actually met you, but have become aware of your blog through your friends and family. I find it humbling, inspiring and energising. Thank you, Fiona. Love and light right back at ya x

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