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Random Act of Kindness – No 13 

This week I delivered another random act of kindness envelope…this time in exchange for a random act of kindness offered to me…

If you are new to my blog – When my loved ones raised £500 for my husband and I to treat ourselves following my operation we made the decision to use the money to do random acts of kindness for complete strangers…

We didn’t want to profit from my diagnosis and the idea of sharing the love and kindness given to us filled us with so much more happiness than spending it on something ever could.

So since then we’ve been handing out envelopes with either a £10 or £20 note inside.

There are now 45 envelopes in total thanks to the additional following donations:

  •  £30 from the ‘lace maker’
  •  £40 from ‘D&L’, 
  • £60 from AngieB Photography
  • £10 from a lady who attended my presentation
  • £90 from Love Fusion

All of these I am extremely grateful for. Thank you.

I was meeting two beloved family members for lunch whom I hadn’t seen for a while after my cancelling recent catch ups due to sickness. As is often the way just now I was running late and parked in a multi-storey car park I was unfamiliar with to save time hunting for a space on the street.

Trying to leave the car park I was breathless and tired and, with both of my hands full of my jacket and bag, I was unable to get the exit door to open.

I thought the door was automatic and stood for what felt like an eternity trying to get it to open, waving my arms and all sorts. I was paranoid I was making quite a scene of myself because the people who were next to me paying for their parking were giving me very odd looks. 

I was starting to get more and more frustrated and confused as to why the doors wouldn’t open when I lovely man selling the ‘big issue’ outside came towards me smiling and explained with complete and utter kindness (no judgement) that it was a push door, not an automatic door.

I was so embarrassed! Talk about chemo brain! No wonder people had looked at me so oddly. But this man hadn’t. He hadn’t judged me at all…not visibly anyway…I’m sure he’d had a little chuckle to himself inside!

Walking away I was thinking about how kind he was and, although I was now running very late, I turned back and handed him an envelope.

That kind of loveliness should be rewarded. It just goes to show that kindess doesn’t need to cost anything. It can come from the heart.

Love and light, Fi xxx

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