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Questions for your surgeon 

On 9th May 2016 I had a major operation. It lasted over 11 hours, during which they removed my spleen, appendix, omentum, womb, Fallopian tube, cervix, ovarian, part of my bowel, part of my liver, part of my diaphragm and part of my pancreas.

Prior to the operation I had a long list of questions which I compiled with the help of loved ones. I was fortunate t meet my surgeon and have the opportunity to discuss these questions at length before signing a consent form allowing her to conduct the surgery.

I’ve shared these here in the hope that they may be of use and/or gudence to anyone else undergoing ‘debunking ‘ surgery for cancer.


  • Can you confirm I am stage four?
  • Am I able to view my scan images?


  • What is the operation being recommended?
  • Will you remove my omentum?
  • Will you remove part or all of my Peritoneum?
  • Will you remove any lymph nodes? How many?
  • Will you take tissue samples?
  • Do you believe you will manage to debulk? (ie remove all viable cancer)
  • Will you remove part of my bowel?
  • Will you remove part of my bladder?
  • At the time of my diagnosis I was informed I may be inoperable due to cancerous fluid in my lung, a this no longer a concern?
  • Can you provide an overview of the operation?
  • How long can I expect to be in hospital?
  • What would intensive care look like for me?
  • What pain management would be planned?
  • What is my recovery time once home?
  • Will I need additional support once home?
  • What do you expect to achieve from surgery?
  • How will surgery affect my prognosis?
  • How will surgery affect my quality of life?
  • How long will it take me to get back to normal after my surgery?
  • When can I take up my usual activities again?
  • Would you have surgery?
  • If I have surgery to remove part of my bowel would I require an Ileostomy or colostomy bag? How will this affect my quality of life?
  • Food is very important to me. Would a stoma bag affect what I ate? Would the colostomy be reversible at a later date?
  • I know I require a complete surgical hysterectomy. Will I have more menopausal symptoms after my surgery?What is your view on my taking HRT?
  • How can I deal with menopausal symptoms if I don’t take HRT?
  • What are the risks involved in my surgery?
  • What are the implications if I decide not to have surgery?
  • Have you completed an operation this extensive previously?
  • Who will be involved in the operation? (ie what does the team consist of)
  • Would you have the operation?

Please feel free to comment with additional questions you may have asked.

Love and light, Fi xxx

2 thoughts on “Questions for your surgeon ”

  1. Love and light to you Fiona, you are so brand to share this horrid journey of cancer with us. My mum currently as stage 4 pancreatic cancer which is terminal and inoperable. We are enjoying time with her as often as possible as every minute is precious. You radiate positivity in all you do and I hope karma pays you back by keeping you well and enjoying life. Much love from Harrietfield, Logiealmond xx

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