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Random Acts of Kindness Ripples

Since I started handing out random act of kindness envelopes* in June there have been lots of beautiful ripple effects that I could never have imagined.

Not only has the story been featured in a lot of press articles, but I’ve been gifted some random acts of kindness for me and the two people who received my first envelope have raised £1000s for Macmillan by each doing a bungee jump! Incredible or what!

Most recently though, even more wonderful things have been happening!…

First off, someone who has named themselves ‘the lacemaker’ gifted £30 to the random act of kindness pot and gifted me a handmade lace bookmark. Isn’t that wonderful!

Following a Facebook vote, the decision was made that this £30 would be split into three random acts of kindness, each totalling £10.

Then people started to hand out their own random act of kindness envelopes! Most recently a friend in Ireland handed out an envelope to a lady she saw studying in a coffee shop, looking stressed and tired.

That recipient contacted me. It turns out she is a doctor and, as a result, she gifted the money to Waterford Hospice and made a pledge to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Wonderful!

As if that wasn’t all enough, this week I received another anonymous donation to the random act of kindness pot. This time it was £40 gifted by two people who just call themselves ‘D&L’. It’s that amazing! I’ll be splitting this money over two envelopes which now brings us to a total of 32 envelopes, with 22 still to hand out!

As the excitement and interest around my random acts of kindness grew, I made the decision to ‘upgrade’ them to help raise further awareness for ovarian cancer. To do this I designed little information cards that I’ve placed inside each of the envelopes.

I can honestly say that when I first decided to start handing out money to strangers I never imagined all the good that would come from it or the joy it would give me. If you are reading this and want to get involved then I encourage you to hand out your own random act of kindness envelope (even if it just contains £5). It is such a wonderful feeling and you won’t regret it. I promise!

Love and light, Fi xxx

*If you are new to my blog – When my loved ones raised £500 for my husband and I to treat ourselves following my operation we made the decision to use the money to do random acts of kindness for complete strangers…

We didn’t want to profit from my diagnosis and the idea of sharing the love and kindness given to us filled me with so much more happiness than spending it on something ever could.

So since then we’ve been handing out envelopes with a £20 note inside.

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