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Random Act of Kindness No 9

I handed out another random act of kindness envelope!…I’m pleased to say it still gives me an awesome feeling and so much joy!

If you are new to my blog – When my loved ones raised £500 for my husband and I to treat ourselves following my operation we made the decision to use the money to do random acts of kindness for complete strangers…

We didn’t want to profit from my diagnosis and the idea of sharing the love and kindness given to us filled us with so much more happiness than spending it on something ever could.

So since then we’ve been handing out envelopes with either a £10 or £20 note inside.

There are now 32 envelopes in total thanks to two additional anonymous donations of £30 from the ‘lace maker’ and £40 from ‘D&L’, both of which I am extremely grateful for.

I had made a two day trip to Edinburgh with my husband, party as a surprise for his birthday and also partly to celebrate completing 6 rounds of chemotherapy. Also, let’s be honest, after spending two out of the last six months in hospital it was just pretty amazing to be away from the usual routine and enjoy being a couple in a different city. Tiring but amazing!…anyway, as usual, I digress…

We were walking through the busy festival streets watching the various street performers when I was struck by an amazing singer. I mean, her voice was incredible. I asked my husband to film me while I placed an envelope in front of her. The reason for this was two fold:

  1.  I wanted to show people how easy it is to hand over a random act of kindness envelope 💖
  2. My blog now has over 24000 readers and I thought why not give this girl an audience by sharing the video! Maybe it will create some new fans!

​As it turns out, however, the girl already has a substantial fan base…

We walked away, me still buzzing with happiness at surprising a stranger, and soon moved on to other things, no longer thinking about it. However, that evening (and this is where it gets freaky!) I received a message from one of the recipients of my first act of kindness. It turns out that the singer has posted about the act of kindness on her public Facebook page and recipient number one had been tagged in the post by her husband’s cousin who knows the singer! Talk about small world!…we were in a completely different city!

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, the singer then tagged me in a post on Twitter and it turns out that she was a 2015 XFactor finalist!

Please take some time to enjoy her wonderful voice. She really is very talented.

Love and light, Fi xx

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