Just Giving Award Nomination

If you have a spare minute I’d really appreciate you taking the time to nominate me for a justgiving award… 

Step One – Click on the link.

Step Two – in the nomination box add ‘Fi-Munro’
Step Three – add the reason for your nomination 💕🦄

Not because I think I’ve raised more than hundreds if not thousands of other people but because I think it would be another wonderful (and essential) way to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

To date I have raised nearly £5500 for Macmillan.

My friends have collectively raised over £5000 for cancer research off the back of my diagnosis.

My sister and her friends have raised over £1000 for Target Ovarian Cancer Research.

That is an incredible £11000 from just one cancer diagnosis! And that’s in just 6 months! Now that’s pretty exciting don’t you think?!

As I always say…if just one woman lives because of my diagnosis then it’s all been worthwhile. Please spare a minute and help me achieve this aim.

Let’s give ovarian cancer the airspace and awareness it deserves.

If you don’t do it for me…do it for the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers in your life.

Thank you!

Love and light, Fi xxx

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7 thoughts on “Just Giving Award Nomination

  1. Thank you so so much 🦄💕

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  2. Yes I will nominate you as well!!

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  3. Kirsten grace Souter July 31, 2016 — 8:07 pm

    I will xxx

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