Random Act of Kindness – Number Five

In all the excitement of everything that’s been happening lately I totally forgot to mention that I handed out envelope number 5 nearly two weeks ago!

If you are new to my blog – when  my loved ones raised £500 for my husband and I to treat ourselves following my operation we made the decision to use the money to do random acts of kindness for complete strangers…

We didn’t want to profit from my diagnosis and the idea of sharing the love and kindness given to us filled me with so much more happiness than spending it on something ever could.

So, my husband and I were driving through our local town on a Friday night when we noticed a man selling the Big Issue – working away on a Friday night and with a smile on his face.

Trusting my instinct as always, I asked my husband to turn the car round and, after watching the man for a few minutes, I got out of the car and handed him an envelope.

He smiled widely, thanking me again and again whilst placing it in his pocket without opening it. I was moved by the fact he was so thankful despite not knowing what I had actually given him. I found that beautiful.

I hope he got a lovely surprise when he opened the envelope later on. We all deserve something to make us smile. 

Love and light, Fi xxx to 

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1 thought on “Random Act of Kindness – Number Five

  1. Wow you are such an amazing woman. Thank you so much for your blogs xxx

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