RAK – number three

Yay! Tonight I delivered my third envelope!…I’m still getting super excited about doing this!!

I was going out for an early dinner with one of my friends. I picked her up from work (which happens to be the hospital I get treatment – and also my old place of work!) and drove into town to park in a car park near the restaurant she’d booked. 

I went to the parking meter to pay and was just about to put my money in (£2 for the half an hour I needed to take me to 6pm!) when a man shouted at me to stop and that he would give me his ticket as he was leaving the car park and had paid for the day. How lovely is that?! He was with his wife and baby who started getting into the car as he went and got me his parking ticket. I said thanks and walked away to put the ticket on my car and then I started to think…

Here was a couple who could have went about their business, they could have ignored the fact that I was about to pay for parking when they had a ticket, but they didn’t. Instead, they had just given me a random act of kindness. I wanted them to know how good that made me feel. So I decided to give them a random act of kindness in return. After all, shouldn’t we encourage selfless acts of kindness whenever we see them? I approached their car again and handed the woman one of my RAK envelopes. Her response? Sheer delight, happiness and gratitude. Oooh I do love how it feels to do this!

We could all learn a lot from this couple. There is always, always time to be kind.

To the couple – thank you for giving me, a stranger, an act of kindness. The world needs more people like you 💕🦄💕

Love and light, Fi xxx

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