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Random Act of Kindness – Number Two

After all the excitement from my first random act of kindness I’d made a small promise to myself to try and limit handing out these little envelopes to just once a week. Otherwise I’d get carried away and they’d all be gone and the excitement would be over.

I didn’t keep my promise long however. Just the next day someone, actually a couple, caught my eye and today my husband gave them their envelope.

Let me explain…we have to go way back to last year for a minute but I’ll get to the point I promise…

Last year I decided to set myself the challenge of not spending any money for a year (crazy I know and, for the record, I lasted just over 7 months). During this time I made a lot of things from scratch and started upcycling a lot of furniture for our home. I also wanted to make some garden furniture out of pallets and so a friend, who worked somewhere with surplus pallets very kindly dropped five off at our house.

Fast forward a month, however, and I was in hospital having emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. Following that I was constantly unwell and tired and subsequently never able to build the furniture – unknown to me at the time this was because cancer was spreading across most of my organs.

So the pallets sat there for months reminding me of a hard and painful time and a project never started, let alone completed.

Then on Friday I noticed in a local Facebook group that someone was looking for old pallets and that they could collect them over the weekend. Result! I sent them a message and arranged a collection time.

But then I noticed something…

Their profile picture was overlayed with a pink and blue banner and #goPINKandBLUE. Now not many people know what this symbolises but I do because last year I had the same overlay on my profile picture. It symbolise a loss during pregnancy.

Uplifted by the ripples of the first act of kindness, I wanted to share more love and kindness and so I sent the stranger who was collecting my pallets I’d never used due to my own loss a message to say I was sorry their loss and that we had been there too and that yes it is shit but it gets better. 

After chatting over messages for a while, I decided that I wanted them to know that there is still hope and love and joy in the world and so told them about what I was doing with my little envelopes and that I wanted them to receive the second one.

I had planned to approach strangers and simply walk away as I had done with the first one but something about this couple spoke to me and I knew if I didn’t mention it then they would collect the pallets while we wee out as planned and I’d never get the chance.

So this morning, as agreed, they chapped our door and my husband gave them their envelope. I really hope it brings them some well deserved joy and laughter.

Love and light, Fi xxx

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