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Early Hospital Admission (video)

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Wednesday (my birthday) I received multiple phone calls from the two hospitals involved in my care to let me know that my platelets are low and I need to go into hospital two days early to have a transfusion before my surgery next week.

I was absolutely devastated! I have big plans for spending Saturday with my entire family before coming to the hospital on Sunday but this news meant I’d be spending the time in a ward – which is not quite the same!

We chatted about the possibility of me having a transfusion in my local hospital as a day patient so I could have Saturday at home but it just wasn’t to be so instead I spent last night running around my house getting ready for my admission in one evening, rather than over the next few days as I’d planned!

This involved, packing, cleaning, getting the pets off to our lovely neighbour (💖) and driving the two hours to the hospital I’m having surgery in. We have rented a flat near that hospital for my husband to use whilst I’m in hospital so at least we were able to stay there last night so we could be in hospital for 9am this morning saving the need to leave at 6am! I’m exhausted enough as it is!

However as it transpires when the hospital took my blood tests this morning things weren’t as they expected…

My platelets are back to normal. Hurray! So I don’t need a transfusion after all. My white blood cells are low though, too low for surgery in fact, so I had to have an injection in my tummy to stimulate my bone marrow. The jag was fine to get just a bit like a bee sting to the tummy. This should get my white blood cells back up again for next week. 

All this means I get to go home tonight after all! I have to come back in early on Sunday for preparations for my op on Monday but at least I get my day with my family tomorrow!

The trip wasn’t wasted though – I got to meet my surgeon again and the stoma nurses came to explain the possibility of waking up with a colostomy bag and marked me for the bag should this occur. I’d already had chats in my local hospital about this so no surprises!

I also got to see the High Dependency Ward that I’ll wake up in post surgery. This was very reassuring as it meant I could meet the nurses and get a sense of all the machinery I’ll be hooked up to. My imagination (as usual) was much worse than reality!


But I can’t tell you how happy I was to get out of the hospital and come home! 

After thinking I wasn’t going to see my home for a few weeks it was amazing just how satisfying walking through our front door was. A bath has never felt so good, a bed never been so comfortable and a home cooked meal so tasty!

And as for seeing my pets again?!…heaven!

It never ceases to amaze me how often we take these simple delights for granted. What a blessing it was to be reminded how lovely and fulfilling my life is and how many simple pleasures there are every day…walks with my dog, my garden, time with family, cooking a healthy meal (hospital food is never that great is it?), cuddles on the sofa with my husband, listening to music in the bath and sleeping in my own bed. Wonderful!

And best of all, tomorrow I get to see all of my family before my surgery next week!

Love and light, Fi xx


Author: Fi Munro

I am a 31 year old woman diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. I blog about my cancer journey and the importance of maintaining holistic physical, emotional and spiritual health. I also talk about the importance of eating the right food...a lot! Get in touch on twitter: @fkmunro

One thought on “Early Hospital Admission (video)

  1. Poor dear…I would have been devastated too. Wishing you the very best & the fastest recovery from your surgery.

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