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Happy Birthday to me…

Today I turned 31!…

So, given that it was my birthday, I was determined that I would have a ‘cancer free day’ for just once this year. As it transpired this was not to be the case – I think I received more calls from various hospital staff today than on any other day!…this is because it turns out that I need more blood transfusions before surgery next week…great [not!]

Anyway, despite this I was determined to have a lovely time with my hubby so off we went to The Kitchin in Edinburgh to use a voucher I’d been given by my lovely ex-colleagues as a leaving present.

All I can say is WOW! It really was exceptional! The food was incredible! The service impeccable! And the decor devine!
Tom Kitchin himself went out of his way to give me an extra special experience – coming to our table to wish me happy birthday, giving me a signed birthday card AND treating me to a gluten free birthday cake [today was not a sugar free day].

It just goes to show how a little bit of effort can make such a heartwarming difference to someone’s day.

I really enjoyed every second of the experience. It was just as dinning out should be…a full on luxurious experience, rather than a rush to eat something on the go!

This was especially important to me as my big operation is just days away and I have the ‘delight’ of hospital food awaiting me!

I am so thankful for the extra effort made by all at The Kitchin today. It’s a memory I’ll cherish always, and in particular over the coming weeks. I definitely plan to return once I’ve recovered.

Thank you, Fi xx

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  1. Missed this on Wednesday. Belated happy birthday. What a great way to spend it (minus the phone calls!). We should mount a joint campaign to get Tom Kitchin to do our cooking when we’re in hospital. If only we had influence in Government!

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