Happy Easter: A thank you for the NHS…

Today marks just 10 weeks since my diagnosis and in that time we’ve raised nearly £5000 (including gift aid) for Macmillan Nurses!…which is pretty damn amazing don’t you think!..especially when you consider that my original target was a modest £500…
You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much!
A cancer diagnosis is tough and the side affects of chemotherapy are unimaginable…I couldn’t do a day of this without the support of loved ones and I am so grateful for each and every one of you for everything that you do.
10 weeks ago I didn’t really know much about cancer or the treatment involved to manage this terrible disease or indeed the wonderful work the medical staff do to make sure that those suffering receive the best possible care.
Cancer patients don’t get a break over the Easter Holidays. Neither do the staff that care for us. We have an on hand specialist team at the end of a dedicated phone number available 24/7. They are there for anything from simple questions to chemotherapy side affect management to specialist emergency care.
I am so grateful for the NHS. For the staff that work through the night, through the weekends and through the holidays. How lucky we are to live somewhere where we receive such specialist care for free.
10 weeks ago I didn’t know much about cancer…but now that I do I want to make a difference so that the people after me will get diagnosed sooner; so that they continue to receive the support needed; so that they continue to receive the best possible care.
Happy Easter, Fi xx