Adam Hills…

So after the worst chemo round so far (it’s affects really are accumulative!) I psyched myself up to get ready and go and see Adam Hill comedy show in a ‘kill me or cure me’ attempt…

We’ve had tickets for months and I’ve really been looking forward to it…especially as we already missed Eddie Izzard in London the week I was diagnosed!

We arrived to find out the show was on Saturday night. We missed it. By three days!! I’m absolutely gutted!

When you are having chemotherapy…and in fact when you have cancer…you have some really bad days and some not so bad days (heck you even get good days!) but going out, especially at night when you just want to sleep, is a rare treat that really can keep you going for weeks. I’d spent the day being sick and it had taken so much effort to get ready and apply the layers of makeup that hide my increasingly grey skin and head scarf to hide my lack of hair. I can’t express how gutted I am!…

So instead of seeing Adam Hills I went to supermarket and bought some new PJs and The Good Dinasour on DVD…Rock and Roll! haha!


love and light, Fi xx