Chemo Number Two

Well today was my second dose of chemo. I decided that this time I wanted to go alone…last time my husband had sat with me. My reason was so I could chat to other people having chemo and also so I could not feel so much like a ‘patient’…nothing like a healthy person sitting next to you while you have tubes of chemo running into your veins to remind you that you have cancer!

I’m so glad I made this decision because I met a lovely no nonsense woman who is also stage four and also has her chemo every three weeks…although she has a different type of cancer form me.

I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to talk to someone else who is having chemo and being able to relate about our journeys. This was exactly what I needed today!

The medical team also gave me new anti-sickness drugs and fingers crossed they work and I don’t have as rough a time as I did after chemo one!

love and light, Fi xx12717939_10208223680968010_4191120404161918068_n.jpg

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