Chemo affects…sickness…

Well chemo is hell! I have never been so sick!

All went well in the hospital and then two hours after I was home I was throwing up constantly. It was horrendous! This lasted for four days with times where I just put a towel on the bathroom floor and had a nap between being sick. It is honestly a sickness like no other – I can’t put into words how weak and tired and vernally rough I felt…but…

…on the plus side, one of my fur babies has been by my side the whole time! 12674381_10153937525783343_1520388890_n.jpg

After four days I finally phoned the hospital and we decided to stop my anti-sickness medication and now I have stopped being sick – irony!

I feel like I have come through the other side but, as I’ve never had chemo before, I guess I will just need to see what the next couple of weeks bring!

love and light, Fi xx

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