Cutting all my hair off…

Well I said shortly after my diagnosis that I was going to cut all of my blonde hair off and donate it to the Little Princesses Trust and that’s exactly what I did tonight!




I also had it dyed pink and purple to raise money for Macmillan Nurses.


It could have been a really depressing night but thanks to my husband, family, Aoife – the wonderful owner of Craic N’Hair – and Angie B – my awesome photographer friend – it was a fun night full of laughter and happy memories.

Aoife had organised an awesome spread of food for my family to enjoy and Angie made sure the photos were taken in a relaxed and fun manner. I am so grateful for their care and support.

Each member of my family had a turn in cutting off some of my hair which I thought was great as it gave them a chance to be part of my journey.

In support of my endeavours my dad had his beard dyed purple and my mum had a purple streak put in her hair – aren’t they awesome!

I’m surprised to say I actually love my hair short and pink! I never thought I’d say that!…this is coming from the girl who ordinarily freaks out getting a trim at the hairdressers!

love and light, Fi xx

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