Kidney Blood Tests…

This week I finally get to start my chemo and I’m super excited! I know that sounds crazy…I know chemo is a bit of a shit storm but now I know I have cancer I just want to start actually doing something about it!…

…first though I have to have some blood tests to check that my kidney function is OK and also, because it is expected that I have a genetic cancer, I need to have tests to identify the exact gene mutation I have. This is so my family can be tested for the gene also.

So today I am back in the hospital having more blood tests but I am smiling because it is all progress towards starting my treatment!


Unfortunately today I was told that I can’t be part of the drug trial I’d hoped to be involved in. This is because my protein levels have dropped too low as a result of having fluid drained from my abdomen twice in such a short space of time. Whilst this is disappointing I am happy that at least we are starting chemo this week.

love and light, Fi xx

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